How To Add New Post

  • Login to your site. Go to your login page which is usually <your web url>/login (e.g. You dont need to add “http://”
  • On your login screen, type your username and password. The default login is provided to you during the turnover. You can change it any time. If you forget your password, just contact Wildfyre through our Facebook group.

  • On the Dashboard, go to Posts > Add New.

  • On the Add New Post screen, there are 4 required content you need to fill-up / upload:
    1. Title
    2. Body
    3. Categories – Choose only 1.
    4. Featured Image – Make sure you upload a horizontal photo.

  • Click Publish



  1. All of the fields are required.
  2. Never leave Categories empty as your post can get lost on your main page.
  3. Never leave Featured Images empty, otherwise, when you share your post on Facebook, nothing will appear.

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