How Do You Measure The Success Of Your Blog Site

Anyone who is making his or her own blog should understand important points apart from being a good blogger. It is always helpful if you know the proper way to track the traffic to your blog or site. For this you need to go through information that has been mentioned below:


1. Pageviews

It is a page that is being loaded in the user’s browser. In case if the user clicks reload or refresh even after the site is open counts to pageview. Means the moment the user reload the pageview is added. Moreover, if the user goes to another page and again returns back to the one opened before (original page) it adds to second pageview. This feature can be used by installing Google Analytics. This feature is very important to install as you will be able to know the number of views on your blog. You will be able to know the success of your blog through it. The more views are there on your blog the more people are browsing it.

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2. Users

Through it you will be able to figure out the users that visited your blog or site. It can be used if installed of Google Analytics is done. The steps will be explained and based on that you can install it. This feature will be vital to know the new as well as the returning people on your site and will also show the period of time as well. You will be able to distinguish between the new user and the returning user with its help. The new user is the one who visits the site or blog for the first time. While the returning user is the one who visits the site again.

In some cases same user can be counted as new one. This is when you browse the site through either different browser or device. Moreover, if any user clears all the cookies and visits the site again shall also be considered as a new user. To have knowledge about user is of importance as you will be able to find that your content is good and this makes user visit it again.

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3. Gender

With the help of demographics data which is one feature in Google Analytics the gender and the age can be found out. This feature will be of a lot of help specially to know which gender is being attracted. Say for example if you say you are a male and on the other hand you want that the advertisers should attracts women products. This is not possible. Knowing the gender will be a great help and will play vital role in increasing the sales of the product based on gender. This is an excellent blogging metrics that you need to understand about.

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4. Bounce Rate

You need to know all about bounce rate for overall information on success for your blog. It is a single session of page on any blog or site. The calculation of it is based on the single page session only. If any user opens a page which is there on your site and moves out without going to any other requests is referred to as single request. In this case the duration of the session will be zero seconds. This is because there were no hits following the first hit. Thus, Analytics is not able to calculate the duration or length of the session. Whether high bounce rate is good or bad depends on several factors.

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5. Domain Authority

For those who are not aware domain authority is one such metric that is from 1 to 100. This also helps in predicting the ranking of the particular domain in Google. Some people think it is a ranking factor. But this is not correct. The fact cannot be ignored that it helps in predicting the ranking. For this reason it is being used in SEO widely. Domain authority is since almost eight years from now. The metric scale of 1 is considered as poor while 100 is the best. If the DA is between forty to fifty is believed to be average, while DA is between fifty to sixty is believed to be good. If DA is above sixty it is considered to be excellent.

There are different ways to get increase DA:

1) Good Selection of Domain Name
2) Optimization of your On-Page content
3) Creation of linkable content
4) Improvement in internal linking structure
5) Removal of toxic and bad links
6) Loading speed of the webpage should be increased
7) Social media promotion of your content etc.

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6. Alexa Ranking

It is the way through which popularity of the website can be measured. There are millions of websites and it ranks these sites based on its popularity. The website that is most popular is able to grab number one position. Based on three months visitor engagement and traffic on the site ranking is calculated. If the ranking on alexa is not what you want or expected then you will need to look into different aspects that will make it more popular.

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7. Conversion Rate

For any successful blogs and for any website to know about conversion rate is very important. It is basically number of conversions which are divided by all the visitors (total visitors) that visited your site. Say for example if you are having an e-commerce site and it receives two hundred visitors in one month. While the sales rate is fifty. The conversion rate will be found after 50 is divided by 200. Means the conversion rate is 25%. Even if you click on the site adds to conversion rate. It is not necessary that you have purchased something or you have become a customer of that site. Conversion rate is vital as it helps in knowing the overall performance of your site.

All these points will help you to make your blog site a success as you are now aware about different ways for it.