Spread stories with WILDFYRE.

Formed in 2019, WILDFYRE helps companies and brand syndicate content to several blogsites and online news portals in as fast as 24 hours.

Say it like it is.

It is nice to have a publisher write about your brand from their point-of-view, but you don’t need that all the time. Some content are not subject for interpretation. Some content need to be published like it is.

With WILDFYRE, we will do just that. We will publish your content exactly how you wrote them.

Perfect timing.

Sometimes you just want to publish your content at the perfect time. You don’t have to worry about getting your content published way too early than your embargo, or way to late that the news is already spoiled.

At WILDFYRE, just tell us when and we will publish them at your preferred date.

Nothing fancy.

It is never just about what you know, but it is who you know.

It is nice to hire fancy PR agencies to connect you with online publishers, but sometimes, you just want to do things yourself and just publish your content. At WILDFYRE, we will allow you just that.

Write your content in-house, and we will take care of the syndication.

Hold the press!

We know things can change anytime.

Sometimes, you just need to change a few details on your submitted materials. No need to contact several publishers again just to pull down or edit these details.

Let us know about them and we will take care of them in an instant.

Special Features

Reporting Facility

No need to search for the web to collate all the urls of the articles. We will provide you all the urls of the actual article so you can see them immediately for your reporting.

24-Hour Syndication

Our syndication services allow your content to be syndicated and published in just 24-hours.

Platform Submission

No need to submit your content to certain email addresses or talk to our representative to submit your content. We have a platform where you can submit your content then you just wait the next day to get the syndication report.

Are you ready for us?

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