What is Wildfyre NXTGEN?

Are you a blogger who wants to focus on your passion in writing and telling stories, and doesn’t want to do the nitty gritty part of designing, maintaining, and increasing pageviews of a website and growing your social media reach… then this one is for you.

Wildfyre® is a powerful portfolio of websites that services highly-engaged audience monthly. From young to adult men and women, our audience show an unparalleled commitment to our online platforms and content.

The websites and social media pages are ready, and we are just looking for aspiring and existing bloggers to be their blogger-in-charge.

What is the partnership detail?


As our partner blogger, you will be the face of the website that we will provide you, and the social media page that goes with it.

  1. CONTENT – We will publish and post contents on the website and social media occasionally to ensure that the website and social media page has enough content for the audience.
  2. TRAFFIC – We will manage the SEO to ensure that audience will continue to come and visit the website
  3. REACH & ENGAGEMENT – We will manage the social media page to ensure that reach and engagement will be maintained regularly.
  4. AUTHOR ACCESS – We will provide author access to the website for the blogger partner.
  5. EDITOR ACCESS – We will provide editor access to the social media page for the blogger partner.


You just need to add your content at least once a week, this is to ensure that on top of our content, the audience can still see your work. We need the audience to see your presence on the website through the content that you will publish.

What’s in it for the blogger?

You can now focus on blogging and start attracting your own client minus the hustle of managing a website and a social media account. We are actually helping the bloggers to skip the part where they need to setup their own website or social media pages. In fact, while they are the blogger-in-charge, they can actually behave like it is already theirs. The blogger will now be the representative of the website and social media page.

I don’t get it. Are you literally giving away websites and social media pages?

Let’s just say the platforms we created are like co-working spaces. As long as the blogger is there and using it, it is theirs.


Do the blogger-in-charge need to pay for the website, domain, hosting or social media management?

No. That is on us.

Can the blogger customize the website?

The customization is limited to color and fonts only. This is to fit the personality of the blogger who is in charge of the website. All other aspects of maintaining the website will be handled by our trained professionals.

If the blogger earns through their blogging, do Wildfyre get a share of it?

No. That is all yours and vice-versa. You can use the platform as you wish as long as it is not for something illegal. We developed the platform so both of us will equally benefit from it.

Do the blogger-in-charge need to do anything extra on the website or social media?

Other than the weekly content, none. We will take care of the rest.

What happens if the blogger-in-charge fails to publish at least one article per week?

In exchange of all the freebies that we are providing and as the face of the blogsite, the audience need to see the blogger’s presence. In the event that the blogger fails to publish one (1) article per week or 4 articles per month, then unfortunately, we will have to look for another blogger to be our blogger in charge.

Will you unpublish the website or social media when you replace the blogger?

No. The website or social media will continue with or without a blogger-in-charge.

Will you delete the blogger’s content when they get replaced?

No and yes. No, the content can stay on the website so the blogger can use it as their portfolio for their future projects elsewhere. And yes, only if the blogger requests for it.

Can the blogger continue promoting the website or social media even if they were replaced?

Definitely no. The blogger must stop representing the website / social media platform, nor Wildfyre for whatever purposes.

Is there an expiration for the partnership?

None. Partnership will continue as long as the blogger partner is posting contents, or until the platform is live.