What are our terms & conditions?

As of January 1, 2022, this Terms & Conditions page highlights what will be the responsibilities of both parties.

The partnership between the blogger and PAGEONE Media is limited to the usage of the platform that is developed and managed by PAGEONE Media. The partnership is purely ex-deal and has no cash exchange. Each party may engage in projects with their respective clients. However, the blogger partner may only engage with their own clients as themselves and not as a representative of the blog site, PAGEONE Media, or any of its PR agencies. Blogger partners will only use the assigned website and social media page as a platform to showcase their output.


Our goal is to provide a platform that is aesthetically beautiful and functionally effective to both blogger partners and PAGEONE Media.

  1. WEBSITE – The website is 100% owned by PAGEONE Media – the creator of WILDFYRE. PAGEONE Media may change the look, codes, and content as deemed necessary to ensure that the website will be attractive to the audience and functionally work for the visitors.
  2. DOMAIN – The domain is also owned by PAGEONE Media, as PAGEONE Media is the one acquiring the domain.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE – The social media account is 100% owned by PAGEONE Media and can co-post and boost content as an assistance to the partner blogger to ensure that the social media account’s audience is engaged, or as an assistance to PAGEONE Media’s client’s content to achieve the needed result.


The website has two (2) sections; Blogger’s Section and PAGEONE Media’s Section.

  1. BLOGGER’S SECTION – this section is found on the Main Page. This is located on the upper portion of the website which will cover about 30-40% of the screen. This section will display all the blogger partner’s content. These include their profile and their articles which are arranged in chronological (descending) order.
  2. PAGEONE MEDIA’S SECTION – this section is also found on the Main Page. This is located on the lower part of the website which will cover about 60-70% of the screen. PAGEONE will have full discretion on what content to be placed there; normally, this will contain PAGEONE’s original content, press releases, client’s content, and contributor’s content.

Why is PAGEONE Media’s section is bigger than the blogger partner?

There will be times when the blogger partner is taking their time to create their content. If that is the case, our content will ensure that the blog site has a healthy volume of content on a regular basis. This will prevent the website to look outdated.


Blogger partners and PAGEONE Media can post content on both the website and social media accounts. The content will be displayed in their respective sections on the main page.

As soon as the content is posted on the website or its social media page, the content becomes property of the PAGEONE Media. PAGEONE Media reserves the right to retain or remove these contents on its platforms.


All content is properly labeled to know to whom the content should be credited.

  1. Articles uploaded on the website will bear the author’s names. If the article is written by the blogger partner, the article will bear the blogger’s name.
  2. If the article is written by a PAGEONE Media writer, correspondent, contributor, the article will bear the author’s name.


Blogger partners may upload any of their content as they wish. It can be their original content, their client’s press release, and so on. However, PAGEONE Media, being the owner of the platform, reserves the right to remove, delete, prevent the upload of any content:

  1. That violates Google and Facebook guidelines.
  2. That violates WILDFYRE Content Restrictions.
  3. That features brand, companies, and any subjects that conflict with any of PAGEONE Media and its other PR company’s existing clients. In most cases, most of them may be allowed, however, PAGEONE Media still reserves the right to determine which one should be removed or retained. PAGEONE Media will inform the blogger partner but will not require their approval. Paid content will not be removed, however, blogger partner must should proof of engagement.
  4. That has an existing dispute with PAGEONE and its other PR companies. Regardless of whether it is paid or not, it will be removed.


Here are some content that are prohibited.

  1. Negative Press – Anything negative about a person, website, or company.
  2. Adult Content – Anything that contains adult content, products, or services.
  3. Weapons – Anything that weapons or ammunition.
  4. Cryptocurrency / NFT’s
  5. Legal Marijuana / CBD
  6. Alcohol
  7. Dating
  8. Legal Cases
  9. Gambling
  10. Multilevel Marketing
  11. Music with Explicit Content Labels


  1. Blogger Partners may generate revenues while they are still in partnership with PAGEONE Media. However, their services must only be limited to (a) content syndication/seeding, (b) content writing and syndication/seeding, and (c) display ads (with no KPI commitments)
  2. Blogger Partners may only engage in a contract with their clients as themselves and not as a representative of the blog site and of PAGEONE and its other PR Agencies. The delivery of the services indicated in the blogger partners and their clients’ contracts or other form of documents will be the responsibility solely of the blogger.
  3. Revenues generated by the blogger partner through their own effort are solely for the blogger, in the same way, that revenue generated by PAGEONE Media is solely for PAGEONE Media. Gimmicks that will require coding will not be entertained or accommodated.
  4. Blogger partners are not engaged in other promos and gimmick other forms of projects other than what is indicated in item 1.
  5. Blogger partners may look for advertisers to occupy the available ads spaces on the website, however, PAGEONE Media will exclusively use the Header area, one (1) MedRec (300×250) and Leaderboard (970 x 250).


For the blogger partner to continuously enjoy access to the blog site and its social media page, the blogger partner is required to publish at least one (1) article per week or four (4) articles per month. Content can be original content or a commercial (press release) from a reliable source.


It is important for the blogger partner to upload content on the platforms to continuously enjoy access to the blog sites and their social media pages.

In the event that blogger partner fails to upload content for some unavoidable reasons, the blogger partner must notify PAGEONE Media verbally, through messenger chat, or email to renegotiate the partnership.

A review of the content of the website will be done every first week of the month.  In the event that the blogger partner fails to publish for one (1) month or thirty (30) days without notice or renegotiation, their access to the blog site and social media page will be removed as one can’t be the headliner of the blog site if they don’t have content.

The partnership will also be terminated if the blogger partner commits any of this.

  1. Blogger partner violated DTI rules on online promos.
  2. Blogger partner violated Google Terms of Service more than once.
  3. Blogger partner violated Facebook Terms and Policies more than once.
  4. Blogger partners posted content that discriminates against a person, a group, or a culture.
  5. Blogger partner posted content that constitutes plagiarism.
  6. Blogger partners posted content that promotes violence.
  7. Blogger partners posted content that constitute fake news.
  8. Blogger partner violated the Republic Act 10173 – Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  9. Blogger partner violated The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.


Upon termination, the blogger partner’s access will be removed and the blogger may no longer upload content on any of the websites or social media pages that were assigned to them. Once the partnership is terminated, the content of the blogger partner will remain on the website and social media pages for practical reasons – to prevent additional manpower hours to incur further. Content with violations will be removed.

The blogger partner may opt to copy their own articles – but this time as an audience – as their access to the website and social media pages will be removed immediately.


In the event that the blogger partner engages in a dispute with their own clients, both the blogger partner and their client release PAGEONE Media, its other PR agencies, and its representatives, owners, employees, and officers from being involved in the conflict. The partnership will be terminated and all the blogger’s content will be deleted without notice.